IGEL 11th Annual Conference

The Initiative for Global Environmental Leadership is hosting its 11th Annual Conference. This year's theme is 'The End of the World as We Know It?  The Consequences of Extreme Climatic Disruption for Business and Democracy.' This conference takes seriously the possibility that the world will not adequately mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and other causes of climate change. A focus on adaptation and other measures is then required. This conference will focus on ways that individuals, communities, and countries are currently managing the changing nature of extreme events. Attention will be given to why individuals and business firms underprepare for disasters and how we can provide short-term incentives and frame the problem in ways that are likely to undertake cost-effective adaptive measures now to preserve communities or relocate to safer places. The economic, social, and political impacts of such changes would be substantial.

8th Floor, Huntsman Hall
Wednesday, April 18, 2018 - 8:00am to 2:30pm
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Penn Affiliated