Creating Canopy Testimonials

The Creating Canopy tree giveaway was very successful in past years. Read what some of the participants had to say about the program.

I am so so happy with my tree. I planted [it] in the middle of my lawn and it just loves where it is placed.  I have a Dogwood tree and some of my pink flowers are showing. I make sure to water as directed. My tree will be the focal point of my lawn. It joins all of my Hosta, tulips and newly planted rose bush.

Thanks so much for this special gift.

Sheila C.


I'm hopeful that this program has been successful so far -- my wife and I were certainly glad to be able to receive a nice new tree for our new house that we are buying.  It has already been planted in the back yard, and we are looking forward to seeing it grow up (along with our two kids, as a new element within our new home... kind of symbolic!

Best regards,


Our Eastern "Redbud" was planted by me, in front of our house, and is doing great. Green leaves are budding. Ready to landscape around such a beautiful center piece!

Thank you,
Ted C.


The tree is planted in our small backyard [in West Philly].  It seems happy--we bought a tree gator and mulched with compost from Fairmount.  Although it didn't get many buds this year, the leaves have come in full and green.



The whole experience was great. Very easy to register and pick up the tree. A very nice variety of tree, according to a neighbor who is a landscape architect. I planted it in our back yard. Attached are photos of the dogwood at pick up and in its new home.

Thank you!
Kate F


We love our eastern berry, and my husband planted it within our patio.  We live in center city on Bainbridge.  We'll look forward to every spring even more so. 

Thank you!
Patti (and Michael)


We have planted our tree, and it is doing very well- lots of leaves and soaking up both sun and water. Thank you!

Chris B


THANK YOU for my lovely pink dogwood, which is happy & growing in my front yard!  I have told all my neighbors about it, and say that it’s another great reason to live in the City of Philadelphia & work for Penn. They are very jealous that I got a dogwood, too!  As a native Virginian, I loved dogwoods growing up (it’s the state tree of Virginia), and I was especially pleased that it’s a cultivar that is specific to this growing zone.

Thank you for making this possible. It was well organized, and it was very helpful to have a Saturday pick up .

Beth D.


Planted the big London Plane (sycamore) Bloodgood in a open space that is part of my community association property.  At the crest of the hill and on an axis line of sight where a big feature tree will be very dramatic.  Lost a bunch of silver maples there in a big storm a few years ago so the line of street trees was missing some continuity.  The tree’s leaves all came out at once.

Paul S.


The tree is very happy indeed; sprouting nice leaves and in general looking very vigorous. It gets watered twice a week.   We planted it ourselves, digging a big whole and using fresh special tree planting material and topsoil. It is in the backyard.  Thanks for this wonderful program.

Marja H.


We love our new tree.  We planted it on a site where we will be building a new house this summer, close to the Wissahickon Creek.  We're watering it every week.



Hi… I love my tree, a dogwood that has leafed out nicely! It’s planted in Center City.  I’ve been consulting with my neighbor who is a professional landscaper and has been very invested in also have a tree-lined street. So he has planted trees along our street in 3 locations when trees have been cut down. We hope to have a very green block in the city!

Karen G


I was thrilled to get a tree and participate in the giveaway event. I love my tree. It’s an Eastern Redbud.  I dug up an old rose bush to make room for the tree which is flanked by my Azaleas and a large (low and wide) Yew.

Debra W


Planted my tree in my yard in the Far Northeast. So far it looks to be doing well. Thanks for this opportunity to help “create canopy.”

Dwayne H