Book Carts with Penn Law Equal Justice Foundation

book cart

June 2015

Standing wooden book receptacles were purchased and installed in the law school in three locations (Golkin Hall, near the Registrar’s office, the first floor of Tanenbaum Hall, and on the ground floor of Gittis Hall) thanks to a Green Fund Grant. This encourages students to re-use textbooks, diverting waste, as well as reducing the number of textbooks ordered online by reselling the donated textbooks to law students. The impact is a reduction in the school’s carbon footprint. Penn Law Equal Justice Foundation holds book sales at the beginning of each semester, so it is not yet possible to track changes in sales. However, significantly more books were donated than in prior semesters.

Update: February 2016 

It was calculated that there were roughly 220 saleable books donated in the spring semester of 2015, and 80 books donated in the fall semester, for a total of 300 books. From this estimates were made that this project resulted in 527.5 pounds of CO2 saved per semester, and 1055 pounds saved per year (from reduced production and transportation of new and used textbooks).

Project Leader: 
Marie Logan, Alicia Zhang - Vice Presidents, 2015-16 Penn Law Equal Justice Foundation
Project Sponsor: 
Joseph Campbell – Building administrator