Compost Tea at The Morris Arboretum

green garden where compost is used

The Morris Arboretum of The University of Pennsylvania implemented a project to determine the efficacy of compost tea (liquid compost extract) as a fertilizer and alternative to pesticides in the one-acre Rose Garden.  Organic matter such as grass clippings, leaves, weeds, saw dust, wood chips, and herbaceous materials from the Arboretum are used as the building blocks of the compost tea system.  By using compost tea as part of an Integrated Pest Management Program, the Arboretum has been able to eliminate the use of synthetic chemicals in the Rose Garden, as well as increase beneficial insect populations and soil organisms.  

Green Fund Summary Report: Compost Tea

Project Leader: 
Justin Jackson, Louise Clark
Project Sponsor: 
Anthony Aiello, Director of Horticulture, Morris Arboretum