Drying Racks for Harnwell College House

Harnwell College House

Drying racks are being piloted in Harnwell College House thanks to a Green Fund Grant, in order to see if they result in energy savings. Giving students access to air drying their clothes rather than using an electric dryer could lead to energy and cost savings. Twenty nine racks will be purchased with the Green Fund grant. Project leaders will monitor their use and impact over a two-month time period. Signage in each laundry room will explain the benefits and energy reduction possibilities. Additionally, five drying racks will be available for rent from the Harnwell Information Desk in case students would like to dry their clothes in their rooms. Results of this project will be shared with other College Houses. 

Green Fund Summary Report: Drying Racks for Harnwell College House

Project Leader: 
Elena Crouch and Michael Shu – Eco Reps of Harnwell College House
Project Sponsor: 
Courtney Dombroski – College House Dean