Mayer Hall Composting

exterior Mayer Hall

Originally designed as married student housing, Mayer Hall features apartments with larger kitchens and multiple bedrooms. Students interested in cooking and large apartments gravitate to Mayer Hall, and student leaders there recognized an opportunity to investigate composting as a waste minimization strategy.

The composting program was officially launched in Spring 2011 after determining project logistics and ideal locations for composting bins. Ten rooms participated in the pilot during the Spring 2011 semester and the program was rolled out to additional apartments in Fall 2011. Compost generated from Mayer Hall residences is used at Mill Creek Farm and the Penn Garden as needed.

Green Fund Summary Report: Mayer Hall Composting

Project Leader: 
Alison Feder C'12, Russell Trimmer C'12
Project Sponsor: 
Philip M. Nichols, Associate Professor of Legal Studies and Business Ethics, Faculty Master of Stouffer College House