Motus Wildlife Tracking Antenna

Motus Wildlife

Motus is a geospatial wildlife tracking system to track the migratory patterns of small flying organisms like birds, butterflies, dragonflies, and bats. Philadelphia is an ideal location to install a Motus tracking antenna to better understand migration patterns in urban settings. Many neo-tropical migratory birds use Penn's campus as a rest stop on their biannual journeys. An antenna installed on the roof of the David Rittenhouse Laboratory (DRL) in Spring 2018 will give faculty, students, and staff new tools to use in a diverse array of fields, including research, planning, and quantitative data analysis.

Motus Antennae Summary Report: Motus Antennae 

Project Leader: 
Dr. Yvette Bordeaux, Dr. Sarah A. Willig, Brad Gibson
Project Sponsor: 
Dr. Yvette Bordeaux