Penn Dental Sustainability Initiative

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The Penn Dental Sustainability Initiative will implement a disposable glove recycling program at the School of Dental Medicine. Every month, nearly 3,500 disposable gloves are thrown out in pre-clinical labs. These gloves are sent to landfills, however since students do not come into contact with patients in pre-clinical labs, these gloves have the opportunity to be recycled. The project team will use the Green Fund to collect these gloves and send them to Terracycle where they will be recycled. Through this year-long partnership with the Green Fund, some 42,000 gloves will be diverted from the landfill to be repurposed at Terracycle. The success of this initiative - measured by how many boxes of gloves are sent to Terracycle- will determine if it could be continued at the Dental School or even expanded to other lab settings. The overarching sustainability goals of this program are to raise awareness about the large amount of waste produced at the Dental School, minimize the school's landfill waste, and instill sustainable habits in dental trainees and their instructors.

Project Leader: 
Cailey Treyz and Christine Dang
Project Sponsor: 
Laura Sprague
In Progress