Penn Park Farm Improvements

hoophouse in Penn Park

This grant completes the Penn Park Farm, a project started in 2019-20 under the auspices of the Provost’s Your Big Idea Wellness (YBIW) Challenge. A hoop-house has been built, and this grant will support the construction of planting beds in the designated area in Penn Park. These beds will add to the yield of fresh food which can be used to support several initiatives on campus, including good food bags for those facing food insecurity, such as first-generation low-income students and patients of Penn Medicine. This grant will also fund the construction of a wash station and compost area. The Farm will function as an educational hub, bringing students, staff, and faculty to the site to learn about nutrition, health, and sustainability.

Project Leader: 
Lila Bhide, Chloe Cerwinka
Project Sponsor: 
Jennifer Pinto-Martin
In Progress