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Sustainable Invasive Plant Management at the Morris Arboretum – Targeted Goat Grazing

Through a Green Fund Grant the Morris Arboretum will pilot managing invasive plants in an environmentally sustainable way – with a herd of goats! Project leader and intern Willa Rowan will examine the use of targeted goat grazing as an alternative to the use of herbicides and power equipment for the control of invasive species in disturbed habitats. The ground cover vegetation in an oak grove at the Morris Arboretum’s Bloomfield Farm is completely choked out by poison ivy and invasive plants. The Targeted Goat Grazing Project offers the opportunity to explore the effectiveness and value of using of goats as opposed to herbicides or power equipment in addressing the control of invasive plants.  If the goat grazing project is successful, recommendations will be for larger-scale uses of goats for invasive plant management. This could lead to future cost savings on herbicide and power equipment, and staff time could be used on other sustainable land management initiatives in the Arboretum.

Green Fund Summary Report: Sustainable Invasive Plant Management at the Morris Arboretum - Targeted Goat Grazing

Project Leader: 
Willa Rowan – Hay Honey Farm Natural Lands Intern
Project Sponsor: 
Anthony S. Aiello – The Gayle E. Maloney Director of Horticulture and Curator

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