Annenberg Public Policy Center Showcases Layered Facade

December 7, 2009

The Annenberg Public Policy Center (APPC) was dedicated at a ribbon cutting ceremony on November 4, with the building’s world-renowned architect and Pritzker Award Winner Fumihiko Maki in attendance.

The new structure contains approximately 36,500 square feet of private offices, conference rooms, broadcast facilities, and a multi-purpose space called the "Agora" for lectures, presentations, and receptions.  

The double-skinned glass and wood facade was not only designed to complement nearby buildings.  Its moveable maple screens behind the glass curtainwall and operable windows allow for natural ventilation and shading throughout the year. A small panel by the door of every office indicates whether the building heating or cooling system is operating, giving the occupant the opportunity to open or close windows or adjust shading to achieve a personal comfort level.

An advanced, computer-controlled feedback system turns off the air conditioning in individual rooms when the occupant opens the windows, saving energy and maximizing individual control. Insulated windows in the stairwells contain wood lattice inside two layers of glass, providing shade while allowing light to filter through.

The open floor plan and three-story atrium link all spaces in the building, from the Agora on the ground floor to the skylit fourth floor lounge.  The Agora was designed with a pumice and plaster ceiling for superior acoustics. Heated water is circulated below the floor of the Agora, providing radiant heating of this space, another energy saving feature. A below grade service court provides a common access area for waste and recycling management for nine buildings within the precinct.

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