Composting Takes Hold at 40th Street Retailers

August 24, 2015

Composting bins arrived for the retail restaurants along 40th Street in April, so that these businesses might begin to align their operations with the Waste Minimization recommendations in the Climate Action Plan 2.0. Going forward, all of the University's Real Estate properties and tenants are asked to make environmental sustainability a priority.
Restaurant kitchen staff was educated on how to collect kitchen scraps used in food preparation to keep them out of landfills. Goals of the composting program include cost savings by reducing the number of pick-ups by solid waste haulers from the restaurants on this block, and decreasing the amount of organic waste in the regular dumpsters which is attractive to pests.
Restaurants participating in the pilot are getting the hang of composting. David Montague, General Manager at the Harvest Seasonal Grill & Wine Bar (200 S. 40th Street), acknowledges there has been a bit of a learning curve, but agrees that "being more environmentally friendly helps the community as a whole."
Hip City Veg (214 S. 40th Street) is a bit more experienced with composting, withStephenie Buday, General Manager saying how "it's nature's way of recycling. We are sending less to landfills and at the same time producing valuable nutrient-rich soil for new growth."

Even the movie theatre is composting, with David Baker, Assistant Manager at the CINEMARK University City Penn 6 (4012 Walnut Street), reporting that they are glad to have a good place to put their food waste from the restaurant in the back. "More power to the program," he adds. 

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