Get on Your Bikes and Ride!

October 8, 2009

With the addition of new bike parking corrals, bike lanes and safety instruction, Penn is renewing its commitment to creating a haven for members of the biking community. Ample bike parking opportunities and increased education and security measures join together with a host of efforts that Penn has coordinated in order to encourage bicycle commuting to campus.

In partnership with the Division of Public Safety, Business Services and Facilities and Real Estate Services (FRES) have been working hard to support cyclists while educating motorists and cyclists alike on proper conduct while sharing the road. FRES has installed more than 100 bike parking spaces over the past year, with new bike corrals at several locations across campus. The bike corral offers a safe haven for cyclists with new U-racks, CCTV camera coverage, and convenient locations within walking distance to many campus buildings.

Business Services has joined the cause by installing new bike racks in parking garages around campus. The new locations in both Lot 37 (34th and Walnut Streets) and the Fresh Grocer parking garage (40th and Walnut Streets) offer covered and secure bike parking within sight of parking attendants.

Penn Transit, under Business Services direction, has also shown its commitment to sustainable transportation by installing bike racks on the front of the buses. Furthermore, Public Safety has increased efforts to educate cyclists about the rules of the road, how to properly secure bicycles and other aspects of road safety.

A new “Share-the-Road Campaign” is under way this fall to ensure all users of public space -- motorists, cyclists and pedestrians -- are aware of the rules and their rights. Penn has also coordinated with the city’s bicycle and pedestrian coordinator to support new cycling infrastructure in the streets, has teamed with the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia in bicycle advocacy and has shown support for a city-wide bike sharing program.

To learn more about the new bike rack locations and other information about cycling safety, click here.

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