A New Meadow Planted at Penn Alexander School

before and after of Penn Alexander meadow
September 25, 2017

As part of the overall site improvement initiative at Penn Alexander School, a new meadow has been planted!

Penn Alexander officially has its first meadow - 3,536 plugs were planted by hand on Saturday, September 16, by the school community and has completed the early action project as part of the overall site improvement initiative.  

Ari Miller and Alexa Bosse, two landscape architects who are also Kindergarten parents, designed the 3,000 square area to the left of the entrance into seven zones of flowering plants and grasses.   While the plugs will take awhile to grow, we already saw our first butterfly.  Shown here is a before and after picture from Principal Farrell. The meadow signage is included in the PDF below.

Guided tours are starting soon for the students who couldn't join us to plant and the signage will be for self-guided tour for the many users of site.  

Ann Kreidle, Ed.D., Manager, K12 Partnerships, Penn Partnerships Planning Office, Graduate School of Education, expresses the school's gratitude to all involved: "Thank you for all of your support towards having an outdoor space that is not only recreational but also serves as a learning space for the larger community."