Penn Sustainability Joins City of Philadelphia’s Zero Waste Partnership Program

students sorting waste
March 22, 2021

The City of Philadelphia’s Zero Waste Partnership Program is a way for local businesses and organizations to work closely with the City of Philadelphia to advance common waste reduction and diversion-from-landfill goals. As stated in Penn’s Climate and Sustainability Action Plan 3.0 (CSAP 3.0), Penn is committed to supporting regional waste goals, and more specifically supporting the City’s 2035 Zero Waste goal. Penn has demonstrated this commitment as the main campus joins organizations like Simply Good Jars and Remark Glass in becoming a Zero Waste Partner with the City of Philadelphia. 

“To achieve our Zero Waste goal, the City needs to collaborate directly with local businesses and institutions. Not only is it important to work towards the same goal citywide, but the City needs feedback from the community to ensure we’re providing the resources necessary for us all to achieve Zero Waste. Institutional partners, such as the University of Pennsylvania, play a huge role in sharing education and best practices and are therefore key to this collaboration.” Christine Knapp, Director of Sustainability for the City of Philadelphia.

Partners are required to submit the Commercial Building Waste Report form annually, submit a monthly waste diversion rate, and complete and maintain at least one Zero Waste Action. Penn’s main campus has completed five of the ten Zero Waste Actions to date and is working with the ESAC Strategic Waste Subcommittee to identify opportunities to achieve additional actions.