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February 12, 2016

Founded in 2011, Penn’s very own bike-share, PennCycle, redefines transportation and makes biking safe, easy, and affordable. As part of Penn Student Agencies, PennCycle is a student-run, sustainable business. Recently, we sat down with Travis Gosse, PennCycle’s Student Manager, to discuss how PennCycle is making Penn a more energy-friendly campus.


Green Campus Partnership: What’s PennCycle’s mission?

Travis: We want to provide safe and efficient transportation to the Penn community and promote safe and responsible cycling more generally. So we don’t just rent out our bikes, we also do repairs for people in the community with their own bikes and that’s a service we’re looking to expand. We provide an alternative and sustainable method of transportation.


GCP: In what ways is cycling more than just an environmental action?

Travis: Obviously cycling is also good for your health as a form of exercise. But it’s also time efficient, and faster than other sustainable forms of transportation, like walking.


GCP: What challenges do students face in reducing their own energy consumption?

Travis: I think the biggest thing is time; we’re busy with studying, academics take priority, and so sometimes it’s hard to think about energy. It’s also something where you don’t see the benefits right away or easily, which makes it harder to take action.


GCP: Why is it important to reduce our energy consumption?

Travis: If we’re not using renewable resources, the least we can do is reduce our use of current resources.



Look out for PennCycle on February 24th, from 10-2 in Levine Lobby as part of a SEAS bike-power event! (See our social media and happenings to keep updated)


Penn Cycle currently offers three plans for members of the Penn community. You can rent a bike for the month, semester, or year. Additionally, PennCycle provides biking workshops and maintenance/repairs. So next time you’re debating Uber-ing or walking, consider Penn-cycling! For more information, please visit

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