ReThink: Mini Trash Bins at the School of Nursing

November 3, 2015
Mini Bins are here at the School of Nursing! 
Mini Bins are small trash receptacles that, because of their size, encourage people to reduce the amount of waste they produce as well as increase the amount of material that they divert through recycling. When Lucia DiNapoli, Executive Assistant to the Dean of Nursing, and Joe Gomez, Senior  Building and Administrator first introduced the program after hearing about it at a Staff & Faculty Eco Reps Meeting, Dean of Nursing Antonia Villarruel was one of the first to jump on board. She started using a Mini Bin in her office right away.
Now, 83 mini bins are used throughout the School of Nursing.  The Dean’s Office and almost all of the Nursing Staff use them. The next goal is to expand the initiative to include Nursing faculty, who will use Mini Bins in their private offices. 
Besides significantly diverting the amount of waste sent to landfill, the Mini Bin initiative is raising levels of education and waste awareness. Both Joe and Lucia agree that the bins are conversations starters- they get people thinking and talking about their own consumption habits.  A few Nursing staff members have mentioned that using the bins at work has prompted them to think more critically about waste disposal at home. Nursing’s adoption of Mini Bins supports the goals of ReThink Your Footprint, inspiring members of the Penn community to reflect upon the amount of waste they produce.  

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