ReThink: Student Eco Reps strengthen Writing Instruments Recycling Program

November 16, 2015

Since 2009, Penn’s Student Eco-Reps have served as waste minimization champions on campus as they have encouraged their peers to change their waste disposal habits. This fall, Eco Reps are working on Sustainability Impact Projects, a new feature of the Eco Reps program designed to further expand students’ environmental leadership. Eco-Reps are partnering with thirteen community and campus organizations to implement hands-on, outcomes-based projects. You can read more about the Impact Projects here.

During ReThink your Footprint, we will be highlighting four Eco-Rep Impact Projects that are focused on waste minimization and diversion. Check out how Penn’s Eco Reps are helping the greater Philadelphia community reuse, reduce, recycle, and compost!

College House Eco Reps Tiffany Young and Rachel Marx are managing the Terracycle Writing Instrument Recycling Brigade on Penn’s campus. In conjunction with staff from Penn Business Services, Tiffany and Rachel are strengthening marketing awareness of the Brigade program, which lets students and staff recycle their unwanted pens, markers, and mechanical pencils. The Eco Reps are also working to increase collections in various buildings, including all eleven College Houses. Tiffany and Rachel are collaborating with staff in College Houses to ensure recycling locations are visible with signage explaining the program. They are monitoring collection boxes and recording the weights of all writing instruments recycled throughout the year to report the total amount recycled during the academic year. Aligning well with the mission of ReThink your Footprint, Tiffany and Rachel’s work with Terracycle provides creative modes of reuse and recycling for the Penn community. 


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