ReThink: Student Eco Reps support Recycling Program at Philly Schools

November 11, 2015

Since 2009, Penn’s Student Eco-Reps have served as waste minimization champions on campus as they have encouraged their peers to change their waste disposal habits. This fall, Eco Reps are working on Sustainability Impact Projects, a new feature of the Eco Reps program designed to further expand students’ environmental leadership. Eco-Reps are partnering with thirteen community and campus organizations to implement hands-on, outcomes-based projects. You can read more about the Impact Projects here.

During ReThink your Footprint, we will be highlighting four Eco-Rep Impact Projects that are focused on waste minimization and diversion. Check out how Penn’s Eco Reps are helping the greater Philadelphia community reuse, reduce, recycle, and compost!

The School District of Philadelphia Recycling Program

During the last few years, the School District of Philadelphia has adopted a new sustainability policy that encourages recycling, composting, vermicomposting, and changes to purchasing practices within the Philadelphia public school system. College House Eco- Reps Liz Kang, Anya Gilroy, and Helen Dai, have assembled Green Teams at individual Philly Schools, and are now working to implement school-wide recycling policies with the help of the Litter Less Campaign, a project of the National Wildlife Federation. Liz, Anya, and Helen are working with students, faculty, and staff to design, enact, and evaluate unique School recycling campaigns. They will be conducting waste audits and preparing recycling reports to be sent to the Litter Less Campaign. Additionally, they are connecting their work to school curricula and grade-appropriate lesson plans. 

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