SEAS Book Swap Encourages Re-use

April 13, 2015

The SEAS Green Team hosted a Book Swap in January where faculty, staff and engineering students were encouraged to clear out and trade up on the contents of their bookshelves. Karema Seliem, Building Interiors Coordinator at SEAS, called the Book Swap a low cost, fun, and zero waste event that encouraged re-use of recreational and educational books.

The Book Swap took place in the Levine Hall Lobby and was open to everyone. Participators were able to bring their used recreational books or textbooks to our tables starting at 11:00 am. Each table was labeled by book type and Green Team volunteers were present to aid in answering questions and guiding participants. The books were free to swap until 5:00 pm. In total, an estimated 200 books were donated and about 500 books were brought to the event and swapped. According to Karima, the Green Team received very positive feedback. “In fact,” she said, “People are already asking when the next Book Swap will be.”

All books left after the swap were donated. Textbooks were donated to Better World Books and The Vietnam Book Drive Project. Recreational books were donated to Books Through Bars. By diverting books from landfill, our donation alone to Better World Books saved 107 gallons of water, 23 pounds of greenhouse gases, and 36 kWh of electricity. 

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