Wrapping up our Power Down Challenge

power down challenge banner
February 28, 2017

Today marks the end of February as well as the end of our month-long Power Down Challenge. We are so pleased with the efforts undertaken by the Penn community this month to reduce energy consumption, engage in conversation on sustainability and reevaluate existing habits. We recorded very impressive results on our Energy Reduction day held on the 22nd and will be donating $11,400 to CURF to support student research as a result. Even more student groups and university divisions took an active role in this year's Power Down Challenge than last year's, and we're already looking forward to topping all of these new records next year! 

To read more about our efforts and accomplishments throughout the month, check out the following articles in the Daily Pennsylvanian, IMPACT, and 34th Street!

Thank you to all who participated to make Power Down Challenge 2017 so successful and to inspire conversation on pressing topics throughout Penn's campus. Let's keep this good green energy going throughout the spring!