Power Down 

Every year, Power Down empowers members of the Penn community to reduce their energy consumption and deepen their understanding of energy issues. During the campaign, we and our partners join together for educational events and programs about energy consumption, reduction, and innovation. For a list of this year's Power Down events, please visit our Happenings page.

This year's Power Down campaign aligned with the first annual Energy Week@Penn, a concentrated week of energy programming across the disciplines of business, communications, design, law, engineering, and science. Energy Week@Penn is hosted by the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy and the Vagelos Institute for Energy Science and Technology. For more information on Energy Week@Penn, please visit energyweekatpenn.com.

Join the Campaign

Here's how we participated in Power Down this fall:

  1. Attended Power Down and Energy Week@Penn events
  2. Shared Power Down Tips
  3. Shared infographics (below) to educate the Penn community about energy consumption on campus


Energy Consumption at Penn: Infographics

students at the "happenings"

Check out these energy- and sustainability- related events for this year's Power Down campaign.