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Power Down Challenge

Power Down Challenge

Every year, the Power Down Challenge empowers members of the Penn community to reduce their energy consumption and deepen their understanding of energy issues. During the campaign, we and our partners join together for educational events and programs about energy consumption, reduction, and innovation. This year's Power Down Challenge will be held from March 19 - 23, 2018. The 2018 campaign will culminate in a collaborative, campus-wide Energy Reduction Challenge on March 21, 2018.

During the 2016 Power Down Challenge, we saved 220,640 kWh in 24 hours in our first ever single-day Energy Reduction Challenge. In 2017, we saved even more, reducing our consumption by 11.4%, or 282,350 kWh in the 24-hour period. That's equivalent to 198 metric tons of CO2 emissions, taking 42 cars off the road, or planting 5,143 treesRead more about the energy saved and how it will help support Climate Action research at Penn. 


Join the Challenge

Here's how you can reduce energy during Power Down 2018:

  1. Attend one or more Power Down "Happenings"
  2. Check out our Power Down Tips
  3. Check out our infographics (below) to find about energy consumption on campus and how Penn gets it energy
  4. Develop a project to apply for a Climate Action Grant
  5. Host your own Power Down event: We will gladly add your event to our list of happenings! You can also apply for a Power Down Grant. We are offering $150 grants for students and $200 grants for schools, centers, and offices. Fill out this form to submit an idea for an event and apply for a Power Down Grant. 
  6. Contact us with any questions: sustainability@upenn.edu


Energy Consumption at Penn: An Infographic


Check out these energy- and sustainability- related events throughout the 2018 Power Down Challenge. This list will be updated as more events are finalized.

When the clock strikes midnight on March 21st, join the entire Penn community and participate in in the campus-wide Energy Reduction Challenge.

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