Penn's Waste Minimization Awareness Campaign April 20-24







Reduce, Reuse, Recycle...ReThink!
April 2020


The Penn Sustainability Office invites the Penn Community to come together for its annual ReThink Your Footprint campaign to promote waste minimization efforts. ReThink Your Footprint raises awareness of already-established waste minimization programs and initiatives in this area, inspires students, staff, and faculty to create new activities related to source reduction and recycling, and encourages everyone to rethink their footprint.

The goal of ReThink Your Footprint is to raise the level of conversation about waste management beyond solely recycling and into a broader discussion of source reduction and reuse – resulting in greater diversion of campus waste from the landfill.  As a University, Penn has already made great strides in managing its trash, recycling, and other waste, and this year we continue to build upon this work.

Many University-wide waste minimization programs have already begun, and other scheduled events and initiatives will roll out as the campaign progresses. Students, staff, faculty and the larger community are invited to get involved by creating additional programs, planning activities, or coming together for educational events where reduce, reuse, recycle will be the focus.

Join the Campaign

Here's how you can help minimize waste in April 2020:

  1. Share ReThink Tips: Distribute marketing materials to students, staff, and faculty to share with their networks
  2. Apply for a grant for a ReThink eventWe offer $150 grants for students and $200 grants for schools, centers, and offices
presentation from Zero Waste and Litter Cabinet

Check out our planned events for ReThink Your Footprint 2020.

collection of buttons and posters from Green Campus Partnership

Download colorful, informative posters and other images to share the word about ReThink!