Student Eco-Reps Coordinators: Jisoo Kim and Tiffany Yung

penn ecoreps 201718
October 16, 2017

Penn’s Student Eco-Reps program is an internship program for undergraduate students interested in learning about environmental issues and working on sustainability projects that advance the goals of the University’s Climate Action Plan 2.0.

A group of 15 students are chosen each year to work with staff in Penn’s Sustainability Office and help implement projects in areas such as waste minimization, energy conservation, healthy, sustainable food systems, and water conservation and management, as well as projects focusing on improved environmental education and literacy.

Eco-Reps work in small groups to design, pilot, research, and evaluate projects, with guidance from Penn’s Sustainability Office.

Throughout this academic year, we’ll be sharing a bit more about all of our Student Eco-Reps and the projects on which they are working. You’ll see content on the Green Campus Partnership website as well as on our social media, Green Campus Partnership on Facebook and @GreenPenn on Twitter. We’ll start by introducing you to the 2017-18 Eco-Rep Coordinators, Jisoo Kim (SAS ’18) and Tiffany Yung (WH ’18).

Jisoo Kim (left) is a senior studying Earth Science. This is her fourth year of involvement with Eco-Reps, previously in Hill and Harrison College Houses. In the past she has interned at Green Campus Partnership and the US Dept. of Energy. She intends to pursue graduate studies in the geosciences and enter public service. Her hobbies revolve around the arts and the outdoors. "I have scientific interests ranging from Paraguayan freshwater fishes to CT scanning fracked rocks, but nothing beats catching up with my Eco-Reps peers over case studies on toilet paper or best practices for waste audits. There's a method to our Eco-Reps madness: learning from each other and laying the groundwork for future research and implementation. As a group, we get better and better every year."

Tiffany Yung (right) is a senior from Brooklyn, NY studying Environmental Policy, Management, and Marketing in Wharton. She has been a proud Eco-Rep for two years, working on various projects including a residential composting pilot program. When she is not Eco-Repping, she enjoys singing, hiking, and visiting national parks. "At Penn, I found that the environmental community was so open and welcoming, and Eco-Reps offered a strong community where I felt like I could be myself and have my voice heard. Ever since joining Eco-Reps, I have developed a strong interest in food waste and composting, and I hope to learn more about growing my own vegetables in the future. During my free time, I love visiting the Penn Community Garden or Penn Park Orchard to take a break from the stress of being in the Penn bubble and enjoy some fresh fruits or vegetables!"