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About the Student Sustainability Association at Penn

As the official umbrella group of environmental sustainability student groups on campus, the Student Sustainability Association at Penn (SSAP) was founded in 2010 to foster cohesion among environmentally-focused student groups, develop strategies for impacting campus sustainability, and create a unified student voice on green issues at Penn.

As the student environmental community has grown immensely since the 2009 launch of Penn's Climate Action Plan, SSAP helps to foster increased collaboration among the 17+ student environmental groups on campus and between students, staff, and faculty working on environmental issues. In addition, SSAP also provides funding and support to both constituents and non-constituent groups to further their work on sustainability issues. 

We are currently members of University Council, UA Steering, and University Life, meeting regularly with leaders of other organizations on campus to create meaningful partnerships with student government.




Our Constituent Groups

SSAP constituents include Penn Environmental Group, Penn Vegan Society, Penn Outdoors Club, Fossil Free Penn, Penn Beekeeping Club, and many more!  Please click here for the complete list of members as well as more information about these groups. If you're part of a group interested in joining the SSAP umbrella, check out weekly SSAP meetings at 8 pm in the LGBT Center.  Applications for constituent groups are put up to a vote by all member groups on a rolling basis. We welcome any group connected to environmental, economic, or social sustainability.

Past Events & Projects

Below are a couple examples of events and projects hosted by SSAP. For a full list of all our constituent groups' events and initiatives, please visit our website or Facebook page. Note: As a group, SSAP has moved away from hosting its own large events and rather channels energy into helping constituents collaborate to hold effective and impactful events on campus.

Green Week

A week featured every semester where constituent groups host a variety of sustainability-oriented events. Green Week culminates in GreenFest, an afternoon that showcases SSAP member groups through of interactive tabling, music, food, and other local organizations. Past Green Week events have included a tour of the Singh Centre of Nanotechnology, a book swap, a "What is Your Environmentalism?" discussion, a speakeasy at the WetLand floating gardens, trips to Bartram's Garden and the Morris Arboretum, high profile panel and speaker events, as well as environmental quizzo nights!

The Elements Series of Events (2015-2016) 

During the 2015-2016 school year SSAP hosted four large events, each dedicated to one of the elements Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. Our Earth event was a screening of the documentary "Growing Cities: Urban Agriculture in the Shrinking World" with introductory remarks by Green Architect William Marston. For Water, SSAP put on a panel titled "Water: A Human Right" with speakers Anthony Sauder (P.E., P.G.), Dr. Kimberley Thomas, and Shane Claiborne. We aligned our Fire event with the Penn Sustainability Office's Power Down Challenge with events including sunset yoga, and a bike challenge to power your cell phone. The series concluded with Air, for which we held a collaborative speaker event with the Clean Air Council that focused on the health consequences of shale gas infrastructure. 

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