Energy Efficiency/Sub-Metering Project at New Bolton Center

600 acre campus of Penn’s School of Veterinary Medicine


The New Bolton Center (NBC) is a 600 acre campus of Penn’s School of Veterinary Medicine.  The campus is located in Kennett Square, PA and consists of over 72 separate buildings including hospital facilities, diagnostic and clinical research laboratories, veterinary teaching clinics, student dormitories, and numerous animal barns and feed storage sheds. 

NBC is geographically isolated and operates independently from Penn’s main campus facilities. Energy efficiency and sustainability at NBC has been largely uncoordinated with the greater efforts on Penn’s main campus, however, a Spring 2010 Green Fund Grant allowed the Center to improve energy efficiency through the installation of 20 electrical sub-meters.  Learning from the extensive sub-metering that had been completed on Penn’s main campus, NBC wanted to more effectively measure and manage the 49 buildings on their campus that had previously been serviced by one master meter. 

Green Fund Summary Report: Submetering and Energy Efficiency Project at New Bolton Center

Project Leader: 
Karen Cronin, Business Administrator, New Bolton Center
Project Sponsor: 
Corinne R. Sweeney, DVM, Associate Dean, New Bolton Center