Lighting Analysis and Implementation


Lighting retrofits for School of Medicine buildings, including installation of occupancy sensors and LED fixtures.

The Perelman School of Medicine has installed approximately 200 LED bulbs in the chandeliers of the John Morgan Building. One of the Perelman School’s oldest and most focal buildings, John Morgan was chosen as the starting point for implementing energy saving measures.  This building offers several opportunities for minimizing energy usage and maintenance costs.  LED track lights for portraits have been installed, and the school is evaluating options for LED fixtures in the large “skylight fixture” which would illuminate the core of its oldest building with LEDs.

Project Leader: 
Jennifer Mishkin, Associate Director, Space Planning & Operations, School of Medicine
Project Sponsor: 
Eric M. Weckel, Executive Director, Space Planning and Operations, School of Medicine and Christopher Kops, Vice Dean for Administration and Finance, School of Medicine