Window Restoration - 3809 Locust Walk

Sigma Chi Fraternity Building


Window installation was completed during the Fall 2010 semester to achieve energy-saving building envelope improvements for an historic building. The project replaced 36 severely deteriorated second and third floor bedroom windows with new insulated wood windows. In addition, 17 oversized windows on the first floor were removed and restored in a careful process that replaced single-pane glass with an insulated unit.  All original hardware, including weights and chains, were restored or replaced as required.  Seven leaded glass windows on the first floor were repaired and custom storm windows were installed to provide protection and additional energy savings. 

Project Leader: 
Mark Kocent, Alumni House Corporation President
Project Sponsor: 
Beth Schnitman-Malm, Associate Director, Chapter House Administration and Finance, Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs and Bill Turner, Chief Financial Officer, Vice Provost for University Life