Eco-Reps Listing

Staff & Faculty Eco-Reps

The list of Staff Eco-Reps below is organized by School or Center. Use the Penn Directory to find individual contact information.

University School or Center Name
African-American Resource Center Colleen Winn
Alumni Relations, Sweeten Brian Anders
Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts Jim Cackovich
Annenberg Public Policy Center, Institute for Civics Ellen Iwamoto
Annenberg School for Communication Joanne Murray
Athletics Recreation, Pottruck Jason Erdman
Biology Collyn Messier
Business Services Division, Purchasing Ray Aull
Business Services, Purchasing Colleen Reardon
College Houses and Academic Services Licinia "LuLu" Kaliher
Development & Alumni Relations Diana Altegoer
Development & Alumni Relations, Communications Anne Bakken
Development & Alumni Relations, Gift Planning Beth Delaney
Development & Alumni Relations, Programs & Special Events Andy Holman
Division of Finance, Comptroller Celestine Silverman
Division of Public Safety Danielle Faust
Division of Public Safety, Finance & Administration Len Pannirello
Division of Public Safety, Fire & Emergency Services Laura Farrington
Division of Public Safety, Operations & External Affairs Stacy Ritchey
Environmental Health & Radiation Safety Marie-Luise Faber
Executive Vice President, Budget & Management Analysis Kimber VanSant
Executive Vice President, Fiscal Operations Pat Guinan
Executive Vice President, HR Bronwyn Gurley
Facilities & Real Estate Services, Landscape Chloe Cerwinka
Facilities & Real Estate Services, Sustainability Julian Goresko

Graduate Student Center & Family Resource Center

Maggie Brown
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Peter Zeitz
Human Resources Brittney Raglin
Human Resources Gary Truhlar
Human Resources Karen Kille
ISC Technology Services Maria Roberts-Reyes
Law School, Development Angela K. Rivers
Major Gifts Tiffany Perkins
Morris Arboretum Liza Hawley
Office of the Comptroller Sarah Boyer
Office of the Comptroller Jasmine Benns
Office of the General Counsel Conchita Burwell
Office of the General Counsel Helen Logan
Office of Government and Community Affairs Geoff Heath
Office of the Provost, Strategic Projects Jessie Burns
Penn Athletics Julia Martin
Penn Center for Healthcare Innovation Ryan Schumacher
Penn Center for Innovation Jessica Brennan
Penn Law, Admissions & Financial Aid Carla Anderson
Penn Libraries Sam Kirk
Penn Medicine Development and Alumni Relations, Communications Jessica Leon
Penn Medicine Development and Alumni Relations, Leadership and Strategic Initiatives Nel Snyder
Penn Museum, Finance Kris Forrest
Penn Nursing, Academic Affairs Meredith Swinney
Penn Vet, Animal Biology Sarah Rauers
Penn Vet, Facilities Management Kim Kopple
Penn Vet, New Bolton Center Karen Cronin
Perelman Quad, Facilities Kris Werez-Patterson
Perelman School of Medicine, Biomedical Library Varvara (Barbara) Kountouzi
Perelman School of Medicine, Botswana-Penn Partnership Heather Calvert
Perelman School of Medicine, Ethics and Health Policy Katherine Ridella (Buckley)
Perelman School of Medicine, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Rebecca Cweibel
Positive Psychology Center Laura Smith
President's Center, University Secretary Alison McGhie
SAS, Penn Memory Center / Neurology Arun Pilania
School of Arts & Sciences Cher Bryant
School of Arts & Sciences Deborah Harrald
School of Arts & Sciences, Biology Colleen Gasiorowski
School of Arts & Sciences, Biology Elen Hernandez
School of Arts & Sciences, Budget and Decision Support Ryan Linhart
School of Arts & Sciences, Dean's Office Janel Baselice
School of Arts & Sciences, Earth & Environmental Science Sally Cardy
School of Arts & Sciences, Earth & Environmental Science Carlos Garcia
School of Arts & Sciences, Facilities Planning & Operations Ruth Kelley
School of Arts & Sciences, Facilities Planning & Operations Sara King
School of Arts & Sciences, Germanic Languages and Literatures Martina Bale
School of Arts & Sciences, Mathematics Reshma Tanna
School of Arts & Sciences, Romance Languages Jackie Zahn
School of Arts & Sciences, Science Outreach Initiative Jane Horwitz
School of Arts & Sciences, Theatre Arts Program Eric Barratta
School of Dental Medicine, Microbiology Laura Sprague
School of Design, Fisher Fine Arts Library Rachael Schechter
School of Engineering & Applied Science, Facilities Leandra Davis
School of Engineering & Applied Science, Facilities Diane Panarities
School of Engineering & Applied Science, Facilities James Sclavunos
School of Engineering & Applied Science, GRASP Lab Gaby Alfaro
School of Engineering & Applied Science, GRASP Lab / CIS Charity Payne
School of Engineering & Applied Science, Materials Science & Engineering Abby Behrends
School of Medicine, Pulmonary Anna Localio
School of Medicine, Center for Cellular Immunotherapies Jan Pawlicki
School of Medicine, Organization Effectiveness Ryan Frasch
School of Medicine, Space Planning & Operations Jennifer Mishkin
School of Medicine, Space Planning & Operations Danielle Cavalcanto
School of Medicine, Student Affairs Carrie Barjenbruch
School of Medicine, ULAR Amy Mercado-Berton
School of Medicine, ULAR Linda Lyons
School of Nursing, Dean's Office Lucia DiNapoli
School of Nursing, Global Health Affairs Nancy Biller
School of Nursing, Operational Services Joe Gomez
Undergraduate Admissions, Finance Pat Del Vecchio
UPHS, Otorhinolaryngology Jean Liverman
VPUL, Perelman Quadrangle Anthony Klaumenzer
Weingarten Learning Resources Center Loretta Hauber
Wharton Dean's Office Jena Laske
Wharton Global Consulting Practicum Sarvelia Peralta-Duran
Wharton, Computing Eleanor Tecosky-Feldman
Wharton, Computing Katie Watkins
Wharton, Computing Sharon Steptoe-Smith
Wharton, External Affairs Matilde Duenas
Wharton, Finance & Administration Laura Deen
Wharton, Management & Technology Sarah Deak
Wharton, Marketing & Communications Kelly Andrews
Wharton, McNulty Leadership Program Emily Gunther
Wharton, Operations David Mazzocco
Wharton, Undergraduate Division Kendal Barbee

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