Meet Our Current Students

Student Eco-Reps


Andy Nyholm SEAS '20

Andy is a senior studying physics and materials science & engineering through the VIPER program and is hoping to pursue a future in sustainable energy research. Having grown up in a nature preserve outside of Philly, Andy loves the outdoors and is involved in a number of SSAP groups on campus. In his free time, he loves to read in his hammock, kayak, and bike.

Richard Ling SEAS & SAS '20

Richard Ling is a senior from Clarks Summit, PA studying Systems Engineering and Environmental Science in the VIPER program. In his free time, Richard loves playing basketball and instruments while spending time with friends and family. He is very excited to continue making a lasting impact on Penn's carbon footprint.



Abby LaForm 

AS '22

Abby is a sophomore in the college originally from Cleveland, Ohio, studying Political Science and double minoring in Legal Studies and History and French. She is especially interested in environmental activism as it relates to public policy and the animal agriculture industry, and has been vegan for 4 years. In her free time, she loves to practice violin and go for a run!

Anjelique Agudo 

NU '21


Anjelique is a junior from Los Angeles, California studying Nursing with a minor in Global Health. As a first year Eco Rep, she is excited about contributing to a future dedicated to sustainability. When she is not in the hospital for clinical, Anjelique enjoys watching shows on Netflix, talking about Harry Potter, playing with dogs, and drinking bubble tea.

Anna Hardie 

SAS '21

Anna is a sophomore from Foxboro, MA studying Environmental Studies with a concentration in Sustainability & Environmental Management. She is passionate about environmental justice issues and is very excited to be PEG's GreenFest Chair this year. Outside of her work with sustainability, she is a Penn Anti-Violence Educator and can often be found on FaceTime with her dog and cats back home.

Avni Limdi 

SEAS '21

Avni is a junior from the Chicagoland Area studying Systems Engineering with a minor in Sustainability & Environmental Management. She is passionate about creating tangible environmental change whether that be at a consumer or a policy level. Outside of sustainability-related and academic activities you can catch her singing a cappella, drinking bubble tea, or running her dog's Instagram account (@kenaithelion).

Brandon Nguyen 

SAS & WH '21

Brandon is a junior from Toronto, Canada studying political science, environmental policy and business analytics. He is particularly interested in environmental education and urban sustainability. In his spare time, he enjoys baking French macarons, running, drinking bubble tea and dreaming up fake trips on Google Flights and Airbnb.

Calais Cronin 

SAS '21

Calais is a junior from New Jersey studying Chemistry with a minor in Hispanic Studies. Ever since being one of two members of the Recycling Club in the fifth grade, she has been passionate about environmentalism. She dreams of pursuing a career in chemistry to fight climate change and create better alternatives to plastic. In her free time she enjoys hiking and riding her bike along the Schuylkill.

Catherine Chen 

SAS & WH '20

Catherine is from the land of sheep and hobbits- New Zealand. There she grew more mindful of the Nature through hiking, camping, kayaking and running social enterprises. In her spare time, she passionately convinces people to print double-sided in Huntsman Hall and to use the recycling bin on Locust Walk.

Chris Fox 

SEAS '21

Chris is a sophomore from Birmingham, Alabama studying Mechanical Engineering and pursuing a minor in Energy and Sustainability. He spends most of his time on campus with Penn Electric Racing, building electric race cars to help revolutionize the transportation industry.

Christopher Kwok 

SAS '22

Christopher is a student in the College of Arts and Sciences! He has a love for all things related to the arts, music and of course the environment! He is thinking of studying Environmental Sciences, and he is excited to do some research so that Penn can be as sustainable as possible.



Hiyori Yoshida 

SEAS & WH '21

Hiyori is a sophomore from Silver Spring, Maryland studying computer science and (most likely) business analytics. She loves heights, being outdoors, SCUBA diving, dirt biking, skiing, rock climbing, cooking, and playing guitar. She enjoys being as green as possible in her daily life and is super excited to join Eco-Reps this year

Hope Lu 

SAS & WH '20

Hope is a senior from King of Prussia, PA, and is in the Life Sciences & Management Program studying Biology and Finance. As a third year Eco Rep, she has always been a supporter of environmental consciousness and renewable energy. She loves hiking, trying new foods, and boxing!

Johanna Inamagua 

SAS '21

Johanna is a junior majoring in Biology. She is excited to be an Eco-Rep again and pursue her interest in environmentalism. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies/ tv series, attending spin classes, and visiting new spots in Philadelphia.


Marina Dauer 

SAS '22

Marina is a sophomore majoring in Environmental Studies and Political Science. She is passionate about environmental policy and is excited to serve as Penn Environmental Group’s Co-President this year; you can also find Marina singing with Penn Sirens, playing piano, or drinking bubble tea. She can’t wait to join Eco-Reps this year!

Nicole Posadas 

SAS '20

Nicole is a senior from New Jersey  studying Earth Science with an Environmental Science concentration. Her main interest lies in the social impact of sustainable work. In her free time, Nicole likes to play ultimate Frisbee, go hiking, watch vegan cooking videos, and start (but never finish) new shows on Netflix.



Roshelle Kayeyia 

WH & SAS '22

Roshelle is a sophomore in the huntsman program pursuing a degree in Economics in Wharton and International Studies from the College! She is from Nairobi Kenya. Her involvement in environmental projects back home and passion for sustainability inspired her to be an Eco-rep this fall! In her free time, she enjoys picking up new skills and watching YouTube dance videos!

Ryan Lam 

SEAS '22

Ryan is a sophomore from Orlando, Florida studying chemical and biomolecular engineering. In his free time, he enjoys fencing, saving the bees, and learning about sustainable agriculture. He hopes that one day everyone will be able to eat environmentally sustainable, delicious food.

Sophie Thorel

WH & SEAS '21

Sophie is a sophomore studying Systems engineering and OIDD, with a special interest in sustainable energy. She is a huge proponent of outdoors activities, sports and nature.

Weston Wendt 

SAS '22

Weston Wendt is a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania pursuing a degree in International Relations and Environmental Studies who is passionate about making a global impact by catalyzing and contributing to social initiatives. As an Eco-Rep, he hopes to aid Penn and its surrounding areas in becoming more sustainable and environmentally aware. Along with being an Eco-Rep, Weston is also a member of the varsity Track and Field team.