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Jisoo Kim, SAS '18

Jisoo Kim is a senior studying Earth Science. This is her fourth year of involvement with Eco-Reps, previously in Hill and Harrison College Houses. In the past she has interned at Green Campus Partnership and the US Dept of Energy. She intends to pursue graduate studies in the geosciences and enter public service. Her hobbies revolve around the arts and the outdoors.   

Tiffany Yung, WH '18

Tiffany Yung is a senior from Brooklyn, NY studying Environmental Policy, Management, and Marketing in Wharton. She has been a proud Eco-Rep for two years, working on various projects including a residential composting pilot program. When she is not Eco-Repping, she enjoys singing, hiking, and visiting national parks.


Alejandro Romero, SAS & WH '20

Alejandro is a sophomore from Santa Ana, CA and Michoacán, México in the Huntsman program studying International Studies and Business. He is also interested in political science and believes that public policy and corporate regulations are vital to combating climate change. In his free time, he likes to read, watch movies, and adventure with friends.

Andrej Patoski, SAS '20

Andrej is a sophomore from Macedonia and plans to major in Computational Biology. He is very passionate about sustainable development and aims to raise awareness about the importance of environmental issues. He likes to spend his free time socializing and learning about new ideas. 

Artemis Tiburcio, WH '18


Growing up in an environmentally conscious household in Passaic, NJ, Artemis has always had a passion in sustainable development. As a student in Wharton she studies Environmental Policy, Operations, and Finance in hopes of implementing initiatives that balance both public and private concerns in business. For leisure, she tends to visit Philadelphia restaurants, dance (terribly) around her living room, and sew. 


Brigitte Baella, SAS ‘19

Brigitte is from the tiny tropical island of Puerto Rico and studies Biological Basis of Behavior. She is passionate about creating a movement that will encourage millennials to engage in sustainable behaviors. She spends the majority of her time either taking pictures, petting random dogs, or cooking.

David Gutierrez, SEAS ‘19

David is proud to represent his hometown of El Paso, Texas. He is a junior studying Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering and is looking to complete a minor in Energy & Sustainability. His interest in renewable and sustainable energy is what drives him and he wants to conduct research on the feasibility of one day having the world run on one hundred percent clean and renewable energy. His hobbies include golfing, playing the violin, viola, guitar, drums, and singing.

Hannah Sanders, SAS ‘19

Hannah is a junior studying Earth Science with a minor in Sustainability.  She discovered her passion for the environment while working on a sustainable farm in high school and is fascinated by the intersection of diet and environmentalism.  In her free time she may be found basking on College Green or playing ultimate frisbee.  She is also serving as co-chair for both SSAP and PEG this year.

Hope Lu, SAS & WH ‘20

Hope is from King of Prussia, PA, and is in the Life Sciences & Management Program studying Biology and Finance. Although a first-year Eco Rep, she has always been a supporter of environmental consciousness and renewable energy. She loves hiking, trying new foods, and has recently taken up boxing.

Isabella Viney, SAS ‘19

Izzy is a junior from sunny California, and is super excited to be working with Eco Reps this year! She is most passionate about energy efficiency, but also enjoys figuring out new ways to reduce polyethylene usage in her day-to-day life. As a molecular and cellular biology major, she can often be found running western blots in the lab, but also enjoys running, playing with the Penn Band, and reading about Waxworms! 

Jessica Li, SAS ‘20

Jessica Li is a sophomore from Livingston, NJ, intending on studying some combination of English and psychology. Though she is quite undecided about her future life goals, she is passionate about creative writing, playing viola in the Penn Symphony Orchestra, and promoting environmental sustainability. She is also a member of Epsilon Eta, the environmental fraternity on campus, and is looking forward to her first year as an Eco-Rep and being more active in the green scene at Penn!

Karen Chi, SAS & WH ‘19

Karen is a junior from New Jersey studying Economics and Statistics. She was an Eco-Rep for Hill College House in her freshman year, and some of her interests in sustainability include renewable energy, food systems, and wildlife conservation, particularly that of elephants. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, playing tennis, and eating desserts.

Melinda Hu, WH ‘20

Melinda is a sophomore from NJ thinking of studying Operations and Management in Wharton, and maybe minoring in Fine Arts. She's always nagged her family and friends to be more environmentally-conscious, and she can't wait to work with fellow Eco-Reps to bring Penn closer to sustainability. Fun facts: she was a competitive figure skater for 8 years, she's done research at the Biosphere 2 in Arizona, and she loves to travel and try new food.

Nicole Posadas, SAS '20

Nicole is a sophomore from New Jersey who plans to study Earth Science with an Environmental Science concentration. Her main interest lies in the social impact of sustainable work. Last summer, she was fortunate to intern with Environment New York to advocate and raise funds for environmental research in the city. On her free time, Nicole likes to play ultimate frisbee, go hiking, watch vegan cooking videos, and start (but never finish) new shows on Netflix.

Noya Hanoch, SAS ‘20

Noya is a sophomore from New Jersey and is studying Economics and Political Science. This is her first year as an Eco-Rep, and she is excited to join this team to work on a cause that she is so passionate about. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with friends, cooking, and eating sushi.

Orly Arbit, SAS ‘18

Orly is a senior from New Jersey majoring in psychology and minoring in environmental studies. She is really enthusiastic about sustainability, recycling, and public health, and at any given moment you can find her biking around campus, hanging out in Hillel, or talking about Hamilton and Ed Sheeran. 

 Richard Ling, SEAS & SAS '20


Richard Ling is a sophomore from Clarks Summit, PA studying Systems Engineering and Environmental Science in the VIPER program. In his free time, Richard loves playing basketball and instruments while spending time with friends and family. He is very excited to be a part of Eco-Reps at New College House and hopes to make a lasting impact on Penn's carbon footprint.

Samantha Friskey, SAS '20

Samantha Friskey is a sophomore from Bowie, Maryland. She plans on studying English with a minor in Hispanic Studies. Samantha is an avid fan of musical theater, a member of Epsilon Eta, Penn's environmental fraternity, and a really good teller of jokes.

Sophia Leporte, SAS ‘19

Sophia is a junior from California. She is studying Philosophy, Poliitcs, and Economics. She strongly believes that small, individual changes to more sustainable practices can help build a better future for the environment, and is excited to continue promoting such changes as an Eco-Rep this year. In her free time, she can be found drinking absurd amounts of tea or eating Thai food.




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