Meet Our Current Students

Student Eco-Reps


Brigitte Baella, SAS '19

Brigitte is from the tiny tropical island of Puerto Rico and studies Biological Basis of Behavior. This is her third year in Eco-Reps, and she is very excited to be a coordinator!  One day she wants to be able to integrate her passions of sustainability and science to help lessen waste production in research and healthcare.  When she's not teaching her friends how to be green, she likes to spend her time either cooking or petting ~all~ the dogs.

Hannah Sanders, SAS '19

Hannah is a senior studying in Environmental Science and Sustainability.  She is fascinated by the intersection of food and environmentalism, and she has worked on several sustainable farms during her time at Penn.  This is her second year with the Eco-Reps program, and she is excited for another year of affecting tangible change on campus.  In her free time, she enjoys vegan cooking,  trying new kombucha recipes, and playing ultimate frisbee!

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Andrew Nyholm, SEAS '20

Andy is studying physics and materials science & engineering through the VIPER program and is hoping to pursue a future in sustainable energy research. Having grown up in a nature preserve outside of Philly, Andy loves the outdoors and is involved in a number of SSAP groups on campus. In his free time, he loves to read in his hammock, kayak, and bike.

Anna Hardie, SAS '21


Anna is a sophomore from Foxboro, MA studying Environmental Studies with a concentration in Sustainability & Environmental Management. She is passionate about environmental justice issues and is very excited to be PEG's GreenFest Chair this year. Outside of her work with sustainability, she is a Penn Anti-Violence Educator and can often be found on FaceTime with her dog and cats back home.

Catherine Chen, SAS & WH '20

Catherine is from the land of sheep and hobbits- New Zealand. There she grew more mindful of the Nature through hiking, camping, kayaking and running social enterprises. In her spare time, she passionately convinces people to print double-sided in Huntsman Hall and to use the recycling bin on Locust Walk.

Chris Fox, SEAS '21

Chris is a sophomore from Birmingham, Alabama studying Mechanical Engineering and pursuing a minor in Energy and Sustainability. He spends most of his time on campus with Penn Electric Racing, building electric race cars to help revolutionize the transportation industry.

David Gutierrez, SEAS '19

David is proud to represent his hometown of El Paso, Texas. He is a junior studying Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering and is looking to complete a minor in Energy & Sustainability. His interest in renewable and sustainable energy is what drives him and he wants to conduct research on the feasibility of one day having the world run on one hundred percent clean and renewable energy. His hobbies include golfing, playing the violin, viola, guitar, drums, and singing.

Hiyori Yoshida, SEAS & WH '21

Hiyori is a sophomore from Silver Spring, Maryland studying computer science and (most likely) business analytics. She loves heights, being outdoors, SCUBA diving, dirt biking, skiing, rock climbing, cooking, and playing guitar. She enjoys being as green as possible in her daily life and is super excited to join Eco-Reps this year!

Hope Lu, SAS & WH '20

Hope is from King of Prussia, PA, and is in the Life Sciences & Management Program studying Biology and Finance. As a second year Eco Rep, she has always been a supporter of environmental consciousness and renewable energy. She loves hiking, trying new foods, and boxing!

Isabella Viney, SAS '19

Izzy is a senior from sunny California, and is super excited to keep working with Eco Reps this year! She is most passionate about energy efficiency, but also enjoys figuring out new ways to reduce polyethylene usage in her day-to-day life. As a molecular and cellular biology major, she can often be found running western blots in the lab, but also enjoys running, playing with the Penn Band, and reading about Waxworms!

Johanna Inamagua, SAS '21

Johanna is a sophomore intending to major in Biology. She is excited to become an Eco-Rep and pursue her interest in environmentalism. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies/ tv series, attending spin classes, and visiting new spots in Philadelphia.

Karen Chi, SAS & WH '19

Karen is a senior from New Jersey studying Economics and Statistics. This is her fourth year as an Eco-Rep, and some of her interests in sustainability include renewable energy, food systems, and wildlife conservation, particularly that of elephants. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, playing tennis, and eating desserts.

Missy Frankil, SAS  '20

Missy is studying Environmental Studies accompanied by Urban Studies and Architecture. Hoping to later study City Planning, Missy aspires to solve societal issues in cities whilst keeping in mind social AND environmental sustainability for the future. In her spare time, Missy enjoys playing frisbee, creating masterpieces in the kitchen, and playing with her cat, Larry.

Nicole Posadas, SAS '20

Nicole is a junior from New Jersey  studying Earth Science with an Environmental Science concentration. Her main interest lies in the social impact of sustainable work. In her free time, Nicole likes to play ultimate frisbee, go hiking, watch vegan cooking videos, and start (but never finish) new shows on Netflix.

Pearl Liu, SAS '21

Pearl is a sophomore from Farmington, CT. She likes to dance, read novels and poetry, and take walks through new or familiar places.

Richard Ling, SEAS & SAS '20


Richard Ling is a junior from Clarks Summit, PA studying Systems Engineering and Environmental Science in the VIPER program. In his free time, Richard loves playing basketball and instruments while spending time with friends and family. He is very excited to continue making a lasting impact on Penn's carbon footprint.

Samantha Friskey, SAS '20

Samantha Friskey is a junior studying English and economics from Bowie, Maryland. She is excited to serve as the Resident Advisor of Eco-House, Harnwell's environmental residential program, and was named a 2018-2019 Rising Waters Fellow by the Penn Program in Environmental Humanities. In her free time, she enjoys theatre -- lots and lots and lots of theatre.

Sophia Leporte, SAS '19

Sophia is a senior from California. She is studying Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. She strongly believes that small, individual changes to more sustainable practices can help build a better future for the environment, and is excited to continue promoting such changes as an Eco-Rep this year. In her free time, she can be found drinking absurd amounts of tea or eating Thai food.

Sophie Thorel, WH & SEAS '21

Sophie is a sophomore studying Systems engineering and OIDD, with a special interest in sustainable energy. She is a huge proponent of outdoors activities, sports and nature.