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Past Projects

Student Eco-Rep Past Projects

Student Eco-Reps work in small groups throughout the year to conduct research on past sustainability initiatives as well as develop and implement programs to promote waste reduction, education and awareness, and energy conservation. 


Recycling & Waste Reduction

Education & Awareness

Energy Reduction

recycling & Waste reduction

Replacing Recycling Bags

Michael Shu (SAS ’17) worked on assessing the potential for replacing recycling bags provided to students living on campus with recycling bins. Overall, survey results point to students favoring the use of recycling bins over the bags. Learn more

Residential Composting

Sophia Leporte (SAS ’19) and Tiffany Yung (WH ’18) conducted research on and developed proposals for a residential composting pilot program to test strategies for removing food waste from Penn’s landfill stream. Learn more

Outdoor Recycling

Karen Chi (SAS & WH ’19) and Helen Dai (SAS ’19) evaluated strategies to improve signage and the physical appearance of outdoor recycling bins near College Hall and the High-Rises to increase recycling rates and decrease contamination rates. Learn more.


Sustainability Workshops

Soomin Shin (SAS & WH ’19) and Maddie Tilyou (SAS ’19) worked on researching sustainability and green event guides at other universities. They also designed and presented sustainability workshops to various student groups on campus. Learn more.

Campus Ecology Tours

Carol Chen (WH ’19), April Huang (WH ’19), Emma Shenton (SAS ’19), and Danielle Swanson (SEAS ’19) conducted research on the environmental features of Penn’s landscape and architecture and designed a tour and guide to raise awareness. Learn more. Check out their tour packet here.

Penn Community Garden

Brigitte Baella (SAS ’19) and Artemis Tiburcio (WH ’18) worked on promoting the garden to the Penn community, encouraged participation in cleaning it up, and picked up basic gardening skills to help maintain it. Learn more.


Drying Racks

Michael Shu (SAS ’17) also introduced drying racks to every laundry room in Harnwell College House and worked on developing a private rental rack system in Rodin. After collecting data, he estimated savings of $62.72 and 520Wh per month. Learn more.

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