Program Overview

Penn's Student Eco-Reps is an environmental leadership program for students interested in advancing sustainability through the implementation of campus-based projects. Students work as paid employees of Penn’s Sustainability Office and collaborate with our University partners to carry out projects in support of Penn’s Climate and Sustainability Action Plan 3.0.

Each year, a cohort of around 20 students are selected to participate in the Eco-Reps program. Students meet weekly with staff in Penn’s Sustainability Office and work in small teams throughout the year to develop in-depth projects aimed at solving environmental challenges on campus. Initiatives may focus on topics ranging from energy conservation to waste and recycling, water conservation, academic initiatives, local foods, environmental literacy, and more.

All of our projects involve a strong hands-on component and focus on creating solutions through analyzing the current problem, developing small-scale pilots, and then focusing on broader implementation. Students are asked to bring an entrepreneurial spirit and a sense of willingness and motivation to each project in order to help them succeed.

The Eco-Reps program is organized by Penn’s Sustainability Office within the Division of Facilities and Real Estate Services.

Get Involved

Applications for the 2020-2021 Eco-Reps program are open now through April 7, 2020! Applicants must complete the application form and provide a short answer response referenced in the form. Click here to access a link to the application form. For questions about the Penn Eco-Reps program, email us at, or reach out to our student coordinators Andy Nyholm and Richard Ling.


student recycling

The Penn Eco-Reps work on various campus-wide sustainability projects that aim to increase awareness of initiatives and reduce Penn's environmental impact. Learn more about their work here. 

eco-rep group

Meet our current Student Eco-Reps, and learn about their interests in sustainability and the environment!


penn garden rows of veg

The Penn Eco-Reps worked on various campus-wide sustainability projects that aimed to increase awareness of initiatives and reduce Penn's environmental impact. Learn more about their work here.