The University of Pennsylvania’s Sustainability Office invites organizations throughout Penn and the City of Philadelphia to submit a proposals for Eco-Reps Sustainability Impact Projects. In addition to developing educational events and initiatives aimed at supporting the University’s Climate Action Plan, all Eco-Reps will be given the opportunity to work in small teams to partner with various organizations around Philadelphia. These partnerships enable students to work hands-on with professional organizations and businesses to create and implement impact projects.

Submit a Proposal


Submissions are closed for the 2015-16 year. The next Sustainability Impact Project Call for Proposals will take place during the spring semester of 2016.  If you are interested in submitting a proposal for next year's program, email Julian Goresko at to discuss your idea.


2015-2016  Impact Projects

Below is a list of this year's Eco-Reps Impact Projects.  You can also download the PDF summary here.

community garden soil testing 

University City District's Dirt Factory and Dr. Jane Willenbring from Penn's EES Department

Eco-Rep Team Members: Jisoo Kim, Mia Mansour, Michael Shu

Summary: This project is a partnership with Dr. Jane Willenbring and UCD to conduct soil testing for heavy metals at community garden plots in West Philadelphia. The West Philadelphia area has the highest density of community gardens throughout the entire city, yet most of the garden plots haven’t had their soil tested for lead or other contaminants. This project proposes to work with UCD, Penn researchers, and community gardeners to do soil testing through the local neighborhood and then map the results of the findings.


Bartram's CFFRC Compost Design 

Bartram's Community Farm and Food Resource Center/Agatston Urban Nutrition Initiative

Eco-Rep Team Members: Madison Bell-Rosof, Elena Crouch, Rhianna La Chance, Lauren Shaw

Summary: A team of Eco-Reps will research and provide preliminary design ideas for a composting system at CFFRC. The team of Eco-Reps will research effective compost systems that can be implemented for the farm. The team will then present their design to the Bartram's CFFRC partnership, including stakeholders from different Philadelphia organizations.


City Recycling Data Analysis

City Recycling Office Data Analysis 

Eco-Rep Team Members:Nicolas deLuna, Sam Ryan

Summary: Eco-Reps will work with the City of Philadelphia's Recycling Director to help analyze and collect recycling data for their office's annual report. This project involves compilation, reporting, and analysis of solid waste and recyclables generation and disposal that occurs in the City in a calendar year. Work tasks include database/spreadsheet management, assistance with report preparation for internal and external stakeholders, and correspondence with private recycling processors.


green Commercial cleaning Strategies

Facilities and Real Estate

Eco-Rep Team Members: Angela Ip, John Kinsella, Capucine Le Meur

Summary: Eco-Reps will help coordinate a study on potential green cleaning practices in Van Pelt-Dietrich Library. They will research the microfiber towels and automated hand dryers currently on the market to determine what Penn Housekeeping could use to replace single-use paper cleaning products. Eco-Reps will also collect data by researching the cost of implementing new green cleaning practices and present the overall budget and return on investment at the conclusion of this study.


TreePhilly Street Tree Marketing & Education

Philadelphia Parks & Recreation

Eco-Rep Team Members:Karen Chi, Gabriella Morace

Summary: Philadelphia Parks & Recreation (PPR) plants thousands of trees along the streets of Philadelphia every year to increase Philadelphia's canopy, however adjacent property owners who request street trees do not receive information on how to properly care for them. Eco-Reps will compile content and design a brochure that will be left in the door of each property where a new street tree is planted, detailing how that tree should be cared for. Brochure content will span from conversations with PPR staff and expertise Eco-Reps will gain from attending a Tree Tenders program.


The School District of Philadelphia's Recycling Program

The School District of Philadelphia

Eco-Rep Team Members: Helen Dai, Anya Gilroy, Liz Kang

Summary: The School District of Philadelphia's Office of Environmental Management & Services has partnered with Eco-Schools USA" Litter Less Campaign to guide student-led, school-based green teams. Eco-Reps will be assigned to a school to implement a recycling program with inspiration from Eco-Schools USA's Litter Less Campaign. They will be in charge of mentoring the green team students and guiding them to achieve their waste reduction goals for the recycling program.


Hazon Food Festival and Audit

Hazon Philadelphia

Eco-Rep Team Members: Ariana Schanzer

Summary: This is a two-part project proposal between Hazon and Penn's Hillel Eco-Reps.

Part 1: In the fall, Eco-Reps will be on-campus liaisons for Hazon's 2015 Jewish Food Festival. Eco-Reps will create a Penn cohort to attend the Food Festival by reaching out to relevant student groups, professors, departments, etc. Eco-Reps will also have the choice to lead a workshop discussing strategies of how to green a campus' food practices. They will also help volunteer at the event and provide program support.

Part 2:During the spring, Hillel Eco-Reps will complete Hazon's Food Audit Toolkit in the Falk Dining Hall, and call attention to opportunities for improving some of the dining choices, as they relate to sustainability and Jewish values. An action plan will be developed based off the results from the audit and Eco-Reps will implement new practices and changes.

The Environ Group Educational Gala

The Environ Group 

Eco-Rep Team Members: Katharine Putnam, Nick Thornton, Andrew Van Duyn, Ian Whithall

Summary:  Eco-Reps will help to develop and host the first Environ Group Educational Gala in the spring of 2016. The aim of the Gala is to involve local businesses, Penn students interested in environmental consulting, and Philadelphia residents in the environmental work happening in the city.


Launching "Not In Philly" Anti-Litter Campaign

Not In Philly

Eco-Rep Team Members:Will Bannister, Sujay Dewan, Michael Dudum

Summary: Eco-Reps will help launch a start-up organization called “Not In Philly” by finalizing a website, developing a strategic plan for city-wide implementation, and accessing opportunities for seeking outside funding and partnerships. The organization seeks to reduce litter by empowering Philadelphia citizens to clean up the city blocks where they live.

Elementary school green leaders program development

Moelis Access Science/Netter Center for Community Partnerships

Eco-Rep Team Members: Hannah Liu, Fidelis Mariae, David Pang

Summary: Eco-Reps will build upon the past success of Moelis Access Science's Green Leaders program, which increases environmental awareness among local elementary school students while empowering them and developing their leadership skills. Eco-Reps will be in charge of running interactive environmental education lessons and labs at the Huey Elementary School.

Rodin Energy Consumption Reduction

Residential Services

Eco-Rep Team Members: Roshni Basin, Camilla Davila

Summary: Rodin’s Eco-Reps have been chosen to work with Penn’s Department of Residential Services as a special Impact Project for the 2015-16 academic year. This will be a pilot project for championing sustainability initiatives with support from Residential Services, Rodin’s House Dean, and other College House staff. Eco-Reps will be asked to target residents’ behaviors to reduce year-long energy consumption. Reductions will be measured by metered data in comparison with the two other high rises, Harnwell and Harrison.

Eco-Reps blog

Green Campus Partnership

Eco-Rep Team Members: Celine Cumming, Emma Shenton

Summary:  Eco-Reps will be the editors and content managers for this year’s Eco-Reps Blog Pennvironment.  They will be responsible for overseeing blog submissions from other Student Eco-Reps across the College House, Greek, Athletics, and Hillel programs.  

Sustainability video content

Green Campus Partnership

Eco-Rep Team Members: Wilson Fisher, Zachary Rissman, Soomin Shin, Maddie Tilyou

Summary: Eco-Reps will be responsible for developing educational videos on various sustainability topics including campus recycling, energy conservation, bicycling, and food purchasing, among other topics of their choosing.  These videos will be used as educational tools for teaching Penn students important environmental concepts. Students will have the opportunity to record videos featuring Penn students and develop a webpage on the Green Campus Partnership website that will become a hub for educational sustainability video content. 

Writing Instruments Recycling Program

Penn Business Services & Terracycle

Eco-Rep Team Members: Rachel Marx, Tiffany Young

Summary: Eco-Reps will be responsible for managing this year’s Terracycle Writing Instrument Recycling brigade program on Penn’s campus.  In conjunction with staff from Penn Business Services, Eco-Reps will increase marketing awareness of the brigade program, which lets students or staff recycle their unwanted pens, markers, and mechanical pencils, and increase collections in various buildings including all eleven College Houses.