Are you a Penn student living on or off-campus who lives sustainably? Do you have green living habits? Green Living Certification provides students the opportunity to reflect on their environmental impact and rewards those taking steps to improve the health of our environment. Get certified now!


How to Get Green Living Certified

1. Fill Out the Survey

Click on the logo below to begin the certification process!

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2. Complete PREREQUISITES & Select Optional Actions

In order to qualify for any level of Green Living Certification, certain prerequisites must be met first! The optional actions are additional sustainable actions you may take to qualify for higher certification levels.

Prerequisites diagram     Optional Actions

3. EARN Your PrizeS

Based on your level of certification, you will receive a Green Living sticker that can be removed and re-applied multiple times. Gold Certified are rewarded with an additional reward - a reusable snack bag! We also have ongoing raffles for prizes like S'well bottles, yoga mats, and lunch totes.

Green living certifications


4. Refer your friends

Refer your friends to the survey and get rewarded with an extra raffle entry per friend! Make sure they put your name and email under the "Referral" section at the end of the survey.


Use the Green Living Certification Manual as a refresher of the survey questions.

6. Recertify to a higher level

Want to reach a higher lever? Take another look at the Green Living Certification Manual and survey, and adopt more sustainable behaviors today! Then, just fill it out again.

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