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Power Down 2019

It’s Energy Week @Penn, and we’re reminding you to Power Down. Want some tips on Energy Reduction? Follow us @pennsustainability on Instagram

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Guides & Manuals

Use these guidelines and manuals to help guide your environmental sustainability efforts.


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Welcome Class of 2023! Penn is committed to reducing its environmental footprint, and students play a large role in contributing to sustainability initiatives on campus. Read about all the ways that you can become involved in helping make the university a greener place.

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Learn how to host sustainable events by downloading the Green Events Guide.

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College House Resident Advisors (RAs) and Graduate Associates (GAs) have a unique opportunity to help frame the way their residents understand environmental sustainability at Penn.

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Our Off-Campus Recycling Guide is meant to serve as a resource to the entire off-campus community, so that sustainability stays at the heart of Penn living.

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Learn how to start a Green Team in your office to minimize the environmental impacts of your workplace.

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An office cleanout allows you to get rid of all unwanted office files and materials on a large scale. 

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This map can help you find a free water bottle refilling station anywhere on campus.

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The Edible Campus Map shows the approximate locations of trees on campus with edible fruits, leaves, and nuts.

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Although there is single-stream recycling throughout Penn's campus, where you take your recyclables varies in each College House

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The Green Cleaning Guidelines inform and educate facility managers and maintenance staff on how to meet green housekeeping certification requirements – the standard maintenance protocols and practices for all Penn interior spaces.

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Use this form to complete your step-by-step action plan to reduce your office's energy usage when called for an event such as a "Red Day."

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Teaching practices contribute significantly to Penn’s efforts to become a more sustainable University.