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Air Travel Carbon Offsets FAQs

Benjamin Pierce, Professor of Computer and Information Science and a member of the Air Travel Offset Selection committee, responds to some frequently asked questions about carbon offsets and Penn’s selection process.

Plane taking off while the sun sets behind clouds
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Green Labs Guide

Lab staff can use this resource to reduce the environmental impact of lab spaces. 

Lab in Levin building
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A searchable database of food providers based on sustainability factors, cuisine type, service offerings, and geographic location.

A chef sprinkling herbs on a dish
Guides & Manuals

Resources for Cyclists

A list of resources available for cyclists.

People biking to work with helmets on
Guides & Manuals

Resources for Commuters

A list of resources available for commuters.

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Guides & Manuals

Faculty Database

Discover Penn’s academic strengths relative to global sustainability priorities.

The Sustainable Development Goal Icons