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Real Estate Building Sustainability Report - Executive Summary

The Real Estate Building Sustainability Report seeks to understand how buildings which are part of Penn’s real estate holdings are already addressing sustainability as well as to identify gaps and opportunities for implementing sustainable strategies.

Building Sustainability Report Cover Image
Guides & Manuals

Air Travel Carbon Offsets FAQs

Benjamin Pierce, Professor of Computer and Information Science and a member of the Air Travel Offset Selection committee, responds to some frequently asked questions about carbon offsets and Penn’s selection process.

Plane taking off while the sun sets behind clouds
Guides & Manuals

Green Labs Guide

Lab staff can use this resource to reduce the environmental impact of lab spaces. 

Lab in Levin building
Tours & Maps

LEED Buildings Projects Map

A map of LEED certified buildings across Penn's campus.

Side view of the windows leading into Joe's Café
Tours & Maps

Campus Stormwater Facilities Map

Penn has mapped several types of stormwater facilities on its main campus, including green roofs, surface basins, subsurface basins, porous turf, permeable pavement, and natural meadows.

Stormwater Map