Penn Sustainability presents its annual reports based on data and metrics gathered from across many academic and administrative units at Penn. These reports provide comprehensive, graphic, and concise presentations of progress on the seven initiatives outlined in the University’s Climate Action Plan:

  • Academics
  • Utilities and Operations
  • Physical Environment
  • Purchasing Practices
  • Waste Minimization & Recycling
  • Transportation
  • Outreach and Engagement

With these sustainability reports, Penn is not only sharing progress on our Climate Action Plan goals, but also providing public, transparent reporting of our sustainability initiatives.

Learn more about the University's original Climate Action Plan, as well as our most recent update, the Climate and Sustainability Action Plan 3.0.  


Climate and Sustainability Action Plan 3.0 FY21 Annual Report (full report PDF 4MB)

Academics (infographic png)

Utilities and Operations (infographic png)

Physical Environment (infographic png)

Purchasing (infographic png)

Waste Minimization and Recycling (infographic png)

Transportation (infographic png)

Outreach and Engagement (infographic png)


Climate and Sustainability Action Plan 3.0 FY20 Annual Report (full report PDF)

Academics (infographic png)

Utilities and Operations (infographic png)

Physical Environment (infographic png)

Purchasing (infographic png)

Waste Minimization & Recycling (infographic png)

Transportation (infographic png)

Outreach and Engagement (infographic png)


FY18 Sustainability Annual Report (full report PDF)


FY17 Sustainability Annual Report (full report PDF) 

*In October 2019, Penn launched the Climate and Sustainability Action Plan 3.0; part of this updated roadmap for sustainability was a review of 2019 progress.  View the CSAP3.0 on the Our Plan page.